Plump Lips With Cinnamon? Exploring The Facts Behind The Fad

Posted by Shannon Clegg on

Plump Lips With Cinnamon

We love plumping lips naturally. You can plump lips with cinnamon but for maximum impact chilli is where the heat is at!

Did you know that chilli can boost your natural collagen levels? The red-hot fruit is also a natural pain reliever, aids digestion, improves circulation, prevents bad breath and mitigates migraines. It really is a miracle ingredient, right?!

Did you also know that chilli is one of the all-natural stimulant ingredients in the LipMD Extreme Lip Plumping Serum?! Mmhmmm, it’s that one tiny miracle ingredient that is responsible for that wow-oh-wwoooww warming effect you might be experiencing when you apply our carefully created formula. But no pain, no gain, right?! And there is PLENTY TO GAIN. Here’s a list of benefits you need to know about now...

Mitigates migraines

Have you ever experienced a pain, which became your sole focus, until you had another pain that was even worse? Let me give you an example… when you have what feels like a head-splitting migraine and you eat chilli your body becomes desensitised to the pain of the migraine. It’s almost magic.

Relieves joint pain

Chilli has powerful pain-relieving properties too. If you apply the ingredient to your skin it can reduce the chemical that carries pain messages to the brain. Ah-mazing!

Benefits digestion

Chilli on the lips can help produce saliva, which naturally aids digestion. Genius!

Improves circulation

Chilli actually encourages blood flow, dilates capillaries and helps build collagen. So that warming effect you feel when you have the superfood on your lips is actually working to create a long-term plump. Wow!

Prevents bad breath

Yes, chilli can act as a disinfectant to the air you breathe out by improving the odour of your breath. OK, mind officially blown.

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