Why Are Lips Fuller In The Morning?

Posted by Shannon Clegg on

Why Are Lips Fuller in the Morning?

Following a skin care routine each morning can help a lot in maintaining your beauty and ensuring your lips are fuller in the morning. A combination of temperature, body heat and blood supply can all affect lip volume in the morning but there are other factors that contribute too. Here’s a celebrity inspired beauty routine that will see your lips fuller in the morning...

  • Start by exfoliating your lips to remove any dead and dry skin. Simple circular motions with a sugar scrub will also stimulate blood flow and begin to plump your lips.
  • Then apply a natural lip plumping serum. The active ingredients are designed to enhance the shape of your lips instantly and start to rebuild your natural collagen levels. Over time you’ll start to wake up with a plump pout and you’ll stop wondering why lips are fuller in the morning.
  • Lastly, finish off your morning routine with a plumping lip gloss. This can be applied throughout the day and it too will enhance the shape of your lips instantly and rebuild your natural collagen levels over time. It also adds an extreme high shine to your day, so your lips look fuller for longer.